A+ Propane sells business to Pinnacle Propane

July 13, 2010

Steve Frick, owner of A+ Propane in Lago Vista, announced July 7 that he sold his business to Pinnacle Propane, but will remain with the company as a local sales representative. Pinnacle Propane has propane operations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, serving more than 15,000 customers. It purchased another area propane operation, Georgetown Propane, earlier this summer, which it plans to join with Frick’s former business. Frick said several companies interested in purchasing A+ Propane have approached him, but he chose Pinnacle because of its commitment to safety, customer service, competitive pricing and commitment to local communities.

“It was a difficult decision to sell the business,” he said. “I feel like I have a responsibility to the customers in Lago Vista which have been loyal to me but I had reached a point that I needed to spend a lot of money to continue to grow as fast as this community is growing while maintaining the level of customer service that my customers expect.” A Pinnacle Propane release says it will combine both the Georgetown Propane and A+ Propane companies to reduce costs and improve route efficiencies. “We think that the central Texas area, North Austin specifically, is one of the best markets in the country and we look forward to continuing the outstanding customer service that Georgetown and A+ have a reputation of providing,” said Chris Hill of Pinnacle Propane. For more information on Pinnacle Propane, call 267-9200 or email sfrick@pin npropane.com.

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Posted: July 18, 2011